About Us

Phoenix Farms is a family owned and operated chemical and pesticide free farm in Bastrop, Texas.  Our goal is to provide healthy, local vegetables, fruit, eggs and other farm products at a fair price.  We believe healthy food should be available to everyone.  Our long-term goals involve a teaching program at the farm where we will share our knowledge and experiences.  We are a sustainable, permaculure-based farm.

What does sustainable mean to us?  It is a farm system where a variety of techniques are used to improve the health of the soil.  A key point of a sustainable system is that it cannot use more than it provides.  For example, we do not believe hauling large amounts of compost into our farm is a workable solution.  Instead, we are focusing on growing cover crops which improve the soil and may also be used to make compost.  We are attempting to mimic natural biological systems through the use of integrated past management, crop rotation and diversified plant life.